Supporting Women: Taylor Swift vs. Apple Music

People are surprisingly vocal when it comes to their opinion of music icon Taylor Swift, and while some criticize her for intentionally creating drama to keep her name in lights, few people can blame her for the epic showdown in 2015 between the Queen of Pop and Apple Music.

What happened? Quick and dirty: Apple Music, a subscriber-based music-streaming app, wanted to put Swift’s latest album 1989 on their service, but didn’t want to pay Swift for the hundreds of thousands of people listening to her music during the free three month trial period. Other artists were being similarly treated, but none of them had the name or reputation to stand up to Apple – until Taylor decided she’d had enough. For a more in-depth explanation of what happened, check out this article.

For starters: there is absolutely nothing wrong with what Swift did. At the end of the day, underneath the glitter and two-piece outfits and rockin’ haircut, she’s an artist, and people would pity any other type artist who was taken advantage of by a multi-billion dollar corporation. Think about it. If street artists were forced to paint and then put their work on display for free for three months, we would be outraged at the abuse of time, labor, and skill, and yet we crucify Swift for protesting the same behavior aimed at musical artists.

A woman standing up for and demanding what is rightfully hers is never a bad thing. Swift is popular and worth several million dollars because she puts time, effort, and passion into what she does, and she has accumulated a fan base that responds to that effort. Would having a three-month free trial bankrupt her and send her out into the streets? No, of course not. She barely would have felt Apple Music’s free trial, but she chose to use her reputation to stand up for hundreds of individual artists and indie rock bands that would have been bowled over by the Apple logo and suffered mightily from the free trial.

Love or hate Swift all you want, gentle reader, but sometimes people really do use their powers for good.


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